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For all the brides out there that might be stressed or shaken up by the process of planning your wedding, I wanted to share this beautiful photo with you taken by Jack Chauvel of Jack Chauvel Photography.
The photo was taken upside down in a reflection of the bride and groom. How utterly fantastic! You can imagine just how unphotogenic the actual surrounding was, given the pipes and debris at the bottom of the picture. Props to Jack Chauvel for getting a perfect shot in such a challenging environment.
Do your best not to fret. It's going to be just fine. The wedding is going to be wonderful and you will look beautiful.
Looks like something I posted a while ago about bad weather weddings days ( Very cool shot!
I just looked at your card @sjeanyoon. Loved it.
Awe. I do love to see couples on their wedding day. My sister is going to get an awesome photographer
@jonpatrickhyde maybe you know? Maybe Zephyr knows... lol
Sweet advice @marshalledgar. Other than that, this photo is really special. I love how the photographer was able to think outside the box to capture the shot. I don't think I'd ever think of this. Of course, I am not a photographer. I wonder if there is a term for this kind of shot, like a technical term that brides can ask about when choosing a photographer.