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Hey all! Just stoppin in to remind you guys how fun trail cleanups can be. Seriously! No one ever believes me and I just came across this article which is a girl going to a clean up for her first time...and believe it or not she enjoyed it, and thought it was a good workout, too!
Major benefits to trail cleanups:
- F-U-N!
- meet other hikers
- not that hard
- a good workout
- an excuse to be outdoors all day
- a reason to feel like you've helped with something big
- people will thank you for it
- so much more!
Reasons not to:
- ????
Seems pretty easy to me! Call your local trail association or outdoors club and ask them how to get involved! Most trails get maintenance one or two times a year, so you will have a chance, and it won't take that long either.
I'll be doing one this weekend and I'm pumped. It feels good to help out, and to see what kinds of things need repaired on trails, so that I can help to avoid causing them (if possible) in the future.
@TrevorGoldley I'm having a hard time finding out who to contact in my area :(
The only reason I can think of not to is totally lazy and invalid, so I just won't add it to the list :D