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A recent article on BikeRadar got me thinking about a current trend in biking that really bugs me. The overuse and unnecessary additions of decals and logos on bikes.
The hallmark on an iconic and successful design is one that is instantly recognizable without the need for labels. Nearly every nook and cranny of bicycles today are covered with unnecessary logos and decals, it seems manufacturers are opting to not let the product speak for itself.
How about some visual restraint?
Here is a great example, 27.5/650B written on the chainstay of a mountain bike. Do we really need a decal for the size of wheel your bicycle has? What purpose does this serve?
Some of those call-outs are also pretty ridiculous. Do we really need the bike's wheel size, or exactly how much suspension it has written on the frame? What good does this serve after purchasing the bike itself?
And let’s not even get into the sheer number of brand decals on bikes these days. Rule of thumb: if there are more company logos on a frame than you have fingers to count them, you have too many.
But it doesn't end there. To a certain extent I can understand a brand wanting to put their name on their bike. But it comes to a point where manufactures are creating decals from useless bicycle features, like "integrated drop-out". It's like a person who can't help but to tell everyone about themselves without being asked.
Bike industry, get a grip. Nobody cares that you are more integrated, or that you can write the wheel size of your bike in cool letters on the frame.
I couldn't agree more!!
When the plastic adhesive starts to wear off all the unnecessary stickers make the Bike look like it's been through the shredder. also any effort to remove them manually may result in damage to the paint job. so it's really fucked up.
stealth all the way!
It makes my blood boil seeing 20 different logos on my bike
I'm on board. There are so many of these little words on mine that essentially mean nothing