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Roommate has make its finale on his last episode..haist l'm gonna miss the show..this show make me laugh..I learned also some korean tradition..and i've been able to know a lot of artist like g.o.d member park, jackson of Got 7, youngi of KARA, Nana of afterschool, lee kook ju, jo se ho, ryohei, minwoo, seo kang jun and Ms. Baek jong oh..thank you for those 1 year of fun, adventure and new experience...and especially the celebrity dog "oi" meaning cucumber..
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I just searched it up and they said they haven't made their decision yet
@nielswife really?? I hope they don't cancel or end the show.I love it
@nielswife oh thank god. I'll wait for the decision
Lol okay
i'm gonna keep you :)