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A police officer in New Richmond, Ohio is being praised for holding fire as a murder suspect charged at him last week.That suspect repeatedly shouted “shoot me” as he ran towards the officer and the entire confrontation was caught on the officer’s body camera Thursday.
Officer Jesse Kidder followed the vehicle of a man wanted for killing his girlfriend. Dispatchers warned Kidder the suspect, Michael Wilcox, may threaten suicide by cop and he also may have a gun under his seat.Kidder soon stopped the vehicle.
The video shows the suspect charging the cop asking to be shot and Kidder backpedaled away from Wilcox, as he continued to shout “Shoot me.”Kidder even lost his balance and fell to the ground and Wilcox continued to run at him. Kidder eventually got Wilcox to surrender and lay on the ground before another officer arrived on the scene.
I wonder how many people get killed like this...suicide by cop. I have to feel bad for the cop in that situation because they don't give them much choice
I respect this man's restraint. Wow, just wow. With all the bad things in the news lately, I'm impressed with what he did