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AMBER J. LIU Most average people especially Koreans might not see AMBER as pretty,since she's totally on the other side of the coin. But as far as I'M concerned AMBER will always be my prettiest hubby... muah* love you so much amberrrrr (ever wondered why most Amber's fans are females? ) HALF AMERICAN -HALF TAIWAN (*whispers she's a foreigner ) I'M pretty sure that's where her tomboy looks comes from .....isn't she just the cutest TB you've ever seen? Her predebut pictures shows her cuteness has always been like 5ever 100% NATURAL BEAUTY CONFIRMED hater$ can kiss their as* SUZY (MISS A) BEFORE her debut SUZY was an online shopping model and she totally rocked short hair. she's the opposite of AMBER, probably why Koreans adore her (No hate here) She's South Korea's Princess, so treat her with Care. OK SO WE ALL KNOW CUTESY SUPER -HOT GIRL HERE IS DATING LEE MIN... FREAKING... HO! BUT CAN YOU GUYS TRY NOT TO MAKE THIS CARD INTO A MINZY OR SUHO DISCUSSION..(ENOUGH ALREADY.......LET THEM BE!) THANKS ⬆ ⬆ REMEMBER AMBER'S STILL HERE ⬆ PS: CHECK OUT HER LATEST SOLO DEBUT SONGS 1. BEAUTIFUL 2. SHAKE THAT BRASS (YEAH! UH HUH) 3. LOVE RUN 4. HEIGHTS 5. I JUST WANNA FT ERIC NAM credits to Google
@StephanieDuong @aabxo @kimikodragon @jiggzy19 hmm...(exhales*) for a while I thought I was the only one going gay for AMBER... good to know you guys are in... so I don't feel like a perv LOL
Amber is such a sweetheart!
Amber is so special. I love her so much. God. She's so perf ;-;
They are both beautiful ^^
@StephanieDuong Yeah. me too. I think she'll be easygoing and free to talk too and Really funny too. OMG I love amberrrrr!
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