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This woman got serious makeup skills! Promise Tamang-Phan (aka sister-in-law) to beauty guru Michelle Phan is apparently a makeup magician! I'm sure some of you saw her celebrity transformation videos (they're mind blowing, especially the Beyonce one). Okay, but what got me excited was her makeup tutorial of Disney characters. Unlike other makeup transformation artists that only shows you the after photo, Promise shows you how it's done from start to finish.
Here are my favorites!

Mulan and the clan!

Frozen Elsa

By the way, this is how she looks like in real person. Gorgeous right?!
Her makeup is so flawless she looks like a really beautiful drag.
Her everyday makeup also looks unreal. Too perfect.
I'm curious how many wigs she owns! Not only is her makeup skill great but her hairstyling skill is also impressive.
She totally pass as her real sister. They have similar features maybe it's the makeup!
I've seen a few of her other videos. She's incredibly talented. Michelle Phan is how I discovered Promise.
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