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I was scrolling through Women's Health and was stopped by a headline stating, "I Tried an IV Drip for Younger-Looking Skin—Here’s What Happened."
I am not as young as I used to be, and I am starting to notice some fine lines and signs of my age on my skin that I am not to pleased with, so I let my curiosity click on the article.
Beauty blogger Grace Gold decided to investigate the new celebrity trend of vitamin IV injections (for everything from curing a hangover to boosting your libido) She decided to try the vitamin injection meant to make your skin glowing and fresh...for $200 a needle!
Here she is before the treatment. All she had to do was sign the usual doctor's forms and then she got her IV which she said had the similar sensation of donating blood. A little tingly, but nothing uncomfortable.
24 hours later, she noticed her skin was glowing and looked noticeably younger. To me, it seems like the lighting in this picture plays a big role in how her skin looks and even she said that this definitely won't be a part of her regular beauty routine.
Personally, that is just way too much money to spend on something superficial. Other vitamin treatments might be more valuable, though, so I'm interested in this IV trend.
You can read her full experience and judge for yourself right here!
You could buy a pretty good juicer for $200! or running shoes! or a personal trainer for a month!
Also work out and eat right.
Not worth it at all! I'd rather pay for a fancy cream or something
I would put this in the same category as oxygen bars. I am not convinced that this is worth $200
@nokcha is right on. Any time a B&A makes me stare for more than a few seconds, then whatever "it" was didn't work. To me, these photos look the same.
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