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So you made it to day two. I hope that everyone is doing great. I wanted to share with you three of my favorite Colon Detox Juices. The first one is ORANGE PINEAPPLE CHILLI This sweet juice is perfect for breakfast. Its not only great for your colon, its pretty good for getting rid of a cold too. +2 Carrots +1/4 pineapple +1 Orange +1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper The second one is CUCUMBER CARROT COCKTAIL This juice is excellent one to take with you four lunch on the go, because the lemon juice helps prevent oxidation from occurring. +1 Cucumber +1 Apple + 4 Carrots +1 Lemon Lastly SWEET SPINACH CARROT You're going to be surprised by the sweet flavor of this juice, although the color may not be so pretty. It's stellar at cleaning your colon, though! + 2 Cups Spinach + 3 Carrots + 1/2 sweet potato I hope that you enjoy these drinks and good luck.
@MarleneVarona I'm definitely trying that one!
lifestyle is a great choice
@inthekitchen I have tried all of these but my favorite one is the Orange Pineapple Chilli. I like spicy food, and although this is mild I really enjoy it.😁
They all sound yummy, which one did you try @MarleneVarona?
I like the sound of that "cocktail" ;)
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