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It seems like Kim Kardashian wasn't the first one who mastered the lip contouring trick! Timeless hollywood beauty Mariyln Monroe was way ahead the game. Want to know the secret? Learn the trick from one of Marie Claire's beauty editor Lauren Valenti! I've broken it down in five simple steps.
Note: Before you begin, make sure your lips are exfoliated and moisturized. No one wants a flaky pout.
1. Line your lips to desire shape with a dark color liner to create illusion of depth.
2. Fill in the base by using a red liner in small strokes (focusing on the corner of the mouth).
3. Blend your lips with the brightest red lip liner. Make sure not to go over the outline.
4. Highlight your lips with a cream highlighter (focusing on the center).
5. Finish off with a moisturizer. Using a lip balm can seal in the color and moisturize!
All I can say is her everything about Mariyln is flawless (including her hair). I don't think any one can pull off that hairstyle with glam like her!
Thanks! I have this lips maybe this will help!
I'm totally new to the lip contouring trend. You should cover her eye makeup on your next card!
@HairConfetti I'm sure there are people who can pull off that look but I think Mariyln is one of the few that can wear that hair without looking out of style.
Will there ever be another woman more iconized and celebrated than Marilyn Monroe? I don't think so.
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