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Who is it, guys? Leave your comment. I won't delete it. I'll post the picture without the bar later (: *Are you guys liking Seungri's Blond look? ((; ~~~It's Seulgi! ***Also, I have been posting these kind of late XD I apologize. Trying to find a home to buy and it has been such a pain in the buns looking for it/booking appointments. I'll still post daily. No worries. Just at random times <3
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I think it's red velvet Seulgi
3 years ago·Reply
@Uniangel18 @Ambie @nielswife It's Seulgi! ((; Uploaded sans bar
3 years ago·Reply
Aww... failed! again?
3 years ago·Reply
at first thought it's Naeun too haha.
3 years ago·Reply
The blond tips gave it away ahaha
3 years ago·Reply