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Good-bye wedge sandal because there's a new shoe that just hit the sole society this Spring. Platform flats or sandals is the name for this trendy shoe. It has the height of a heel and comfort of a flat. Take a look around the street and you'll see this shoe sensation in action.
How are street fashionista wearing them?
Asymmetric shorts, jumpsuits and good old skinny jeans look great with these heighten flat sandals. Another option to wear this is with wide leg trousers and maxi dress.
Madeleine's Pick
Again there are many styles to choose from! Just to let you know Tom's platform wedges are almost off the rack, so if you want a pair snag it now!
I just got a pair last week from Cathy Jeans Shoe and it's so comfortable. I used to rave about low heel wedges but I'm in love with these platform flats! Highly recommend it!
@alise they don't a pair of shoe every time they make a sell, so maybe that's why it's on the pricey side.
Toms wedges are cute but why can't it be cheaper?
like them. match for my height :)
@stargaze are they comfortable to walk in? It's been on my mind to get a pair.