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Rapper and poet Prince Ae wants you to take a minute during Earth Week to think about something we should care a little more about: the condition of our planet.
Most of the rainforests in Africa and Asia have been getting destroyed for the past forty+ years. These changes haven't happened overnight. It's too late to change a lot of things, but there are still things you can do!!
I'm so tired of hearing people complain about the world going to nothing and then thinking that they have no power to make any change. If everyone thinks they cannot change anything, then they will be right. But when people join together, they can make changes that are bigger than the motions of one person.
Find out more about how to help protect our environment. Take your first step by checking out Stand for Trees.
This is great @nehapatel thanks for lettin me know about it. Hes just right bout so many things that more people need to pay attention too. Its too bad they need this video to realize this.
@yakwithalan This video is just your style.