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Excellent DIY!!!
I cut a basic collar shape out of felt and began laying the design out. The key was one central piece to hold the eye and then fill in with existing pieces. I stitched what I could for two reasons: One, I'm a stitchin' kind of gal and Two, I was concerned about too much glue making it rigid. When it came to old earrings, I had to cut the posts off. Pieces I could not stitch, I did glue with liquid nails. It worked great! After all the jewelry was done being fastened down, I cut the felt close to the edge and hand stitched silk onto the back with a tiny blanket stitch. Two long ties were made from the dupioni silk and hand stitched on. It turned out awesome! *source: http://sabiiwabii.blogspot.com/2009/09/diy-fashion-tutorial.html