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Be careful how much you're texting, Candy Crushing, and using your various devices, because mobile device related injuries are on the rise!
I wish I was kidding, but a man in California suffered a ruptured tendon in his thumb after a few weeks of intense gaming. The repetitive motions caused a chronic pain in his hand, and he had such a low range of motion in his thumb that he had to have surgery to fix it.
This is, of course, an extreme example, so don't go quitting gaming right away! But, it's a remind to us that every little motion we do with our hands every day wears them down. And that includes using your smartphone, whether they’re constantly gaming, emailing, or texting on it.
Some M.D.s say that while they have seen no cases directly caused by using a phone, they have seen injuries that are worsened and exacerbated by the motions of using smartphones and texting so much every day.
I know I've found that my pinkies will sometimes fall asleep when I'm leaning on my arms to use a laptop or tablet, and I've found out this is really bad for my arms and hands. I'm actually basically pinching my nerve in my funny bone when this happens, but the long term affects of this has not yet been studied.
So seriously, stop playing Candy Crush and Clash of Clans. Your thumbs will thank you.
This will be a fun one to make my students read about for our news clip. Great! Hopefully it will remind them to be careful with how much time they spend on their phones.
@coed2020 I was about to come down here and say something like can we be sure it's phones, but man real life proof I guess. Noted to make sure to take a little more time offline....
This is very. I suffered the same thing - not bcoz of playing games on the phone but sending msges, surfing the net, facebooking,;etc. until one day, i could hardly move my right hand up to my arms. It felt like I had a frozen shoulder. So, for four months now am just using the phone occassionally. Don't take this lightly, as this is true. Not only your phones but also the use of the mouse with your computer.
@coed2020 Wow, you're lucky that it's not too bad and you were able to catch it. Hoep you recover cleanly!
@nehapatel Such is our youngest generation. Hopefully, we'll see the appropriate backlash and change from this soon.
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