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I never thought I'd like pastel hair color this much. My friend just shared her wedding photoshoot via Dropbox (because I couldn't attend the ceremony) and I couldn't stop staring at one of her wedding guest's rose gold hair. So, I did some research and found more rose gold hair inspiration.
Reason #1: It looks good with white Spring dresses.
This one is from Etsy and I'm guessing her original hair color is blonde. The soft pink blended well with her color. I know it wouldn't work for my brownish hair but I just want to share this one because the pastel tone matches the Spring theme really well.
Reason #2: It'll look gorgeous with beach waves!
Okay, this is not exactly rose gold but the burgundy/rose highlights are stunning! Maybe it's the clothes she's wearing but I imagine this hairstyle will look amazing at the beach.
Reason #3: It's not shabby at all with layered hair and bedhead.
Who doesn't want to wake up looking like that?
Reason #4: You can make it work for dark hair!
This hairstyle is probably what I will get in reality (since my hair color is dark). A little rose-gold highlight at the ends and with soft curls.
I've been thinking about this hair color since Hilary Duff got a pink hair makeover!
I have dyed blach hair. Wonder if it will look good as rose gold highlights...
I really wish I had the guts to go this color! But, I have darker brown hair and don't think I'd ever be able to go for it.
@alise I know! It looks way better than the green hair she had couple weeks ago.
Last hairstyle is the best because it reminds me of balayage highlights.
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