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Spice up your 3-strand braid with this layering technique! It's super simple and if you're skilled braider you can probably finish this in under 5 minutes! Images are from Fab Art and instructions are written by me!
First, you'll have to divide your hair into four section equal section. Start doing your 3-strand braid and set the other section aside (as seen on the right).
As you braid leave out several pieces of hair from random loops.
Once you reach the end secure it with an elastic. Then take the section you left behind and start weaving it with the random hair from the braid. Finally, connect the two braids at the end!
Tip: Gently pull the bottom braid to give it some volume.
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@alise I agree. I think braid style in general is great for any occasion.
I can't tell you how much I love this hairstyle. It's so creative stacking one braid above another1
Tried it today. My hair is a little on the silky side so I need to add some texture to get some volume.
This is too hard for me!!! I kept trying but nope :(
Don't get me wrong--LUV this! But There is NO WAY I can do this. Sorry. not even gonna try. But this looks amazing!