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I have always wished that I'd have the time and patience to write a good (and I mean really good) guide to the outdoors. How to first approach the wild. How to do things well, overall. Sure, I've touched on some things I find really important, but I just found the most amazing guide that I'll now be sharing with every friend of mind that wants to start enjoying the outdoors.
Even if you're an expert, you should check it out! The key here is to remember that you should be respectful of nature and those who may want to keep enjoying nature.
Let me know what you think of the guide!
Very inclusive, and a good, easy to remember overview. Two caveats; 1st, w/ Leave-ABSOLUTELY-NO-trace mentality... A.)It's not a pristine Biolab (I know the types who are bugged by this; they need a grip on life outside the box and outside the rules.) and B.)Few are Spec Ops trained enough on a discipline level to actually pull this off IRL, which is why we need a more realistic & holistic system policy that keeps the scientists, spec ops, & (I hate to say it) idiots happy (and we have to face facts; the idiots *don't* read the signs, know the rules, or even follow common sense. We *can* however take solace in the fact idiots don't make it far from their car, and if they do, they won't for long - they always forget the 1st Aid Kits...;) But specifically, although I'm 100% w/ everything on that list *especially* about littering, I diverge on the topic of biodegradable bio waste (if nature likes it, leave it - unless it's blackberries - just bury it a foot deep, or the coyotes will dig it up)... which brings me to the other caveat; canines... Please understand, I love dogs... but they do roughly comparable (sometimes even moreso) damage to the ecosystem to humans. (Ironically, land management agencies struggle daily w/ the problems associated with dogs & idiots; chiefly that they don't listen/care about "management's problems" - quite often this is *specifically* what they are out there to entirely avoid psychologically... See the cultural problem?)
@TrevorGoldley I know that (because you told me!) but you're right people don't get it! Also people don't have the right equipment to go thru it sometimes so I can understand why? Still, hopefully we can help teach them!
Alright, I'll try to share it with some friends!
@happyrock I mean I understand why people think to do that (they dont' wanna get muddy and it feels like you're wearing down the spot more) but people don't realize you just make the spot bigger by going around! @yakwithalan Yeah i was pretty happy to find it too, haha, thanks for sharing the word!
Good find. I'll make sure to read and share it too.
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