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This is a chilling read (really, I was scared for my dog the whole time, and she was safely sleeping at my feet), but an important one. Read this story of a man and his dog, and how they became lost on a mountain.
Why? Because this man learns that he messed up, and because of his mistakes it wasn't only his life at risk, but his dog's life, too. He's lucky he made it out OK and (spoiler alert?) that his dog was OK, too.
When you go out hiking, you need to remember to bring key essentials:
- map
- emergency contact system
- tons of extra food and water
- extra things for your dog!!!!
- anything else you might need in your area for an emergency!!
Learn from this guy's mistake, and practice preparedness.
Stay safe everyone, and keep your pups safe, too!
He is so, SO lucky :( i can't believe he had to just leave his dog....
@yakwithalan I think he will be if he takes him out on a few small, safe hikes first so the dog can see that won't happen every time they go out.
Hope his dog will still be ready to hike after this
This guy is so lucky. Never go on a hike like that's just not very smart!