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EXO Tao's father announced on weibo: Tao did not receive support from the company. but all he had was a body of injury. this is the third exo member announcing his departure from exo after kris and luhan in 2014.
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im not even sad... but for some reason I feel mad at SM and at the members. I knoe SM hasnt been all that nice to most of their foriegn trainees but if the members endured so much pain and struggle to get where they are I dont get why they're just giving up now
Bahhhh SM.... Tao's father probably wrote the letter because "constructive direction" with SM means following their shotty directions thru that maze in the Overdose video....you think they're leading you somewhere but in all reality there is no way out....they're just leading you to dead ends.
I think he should be properly treated first I completely understand his father concern and we all knw how SM treats all its I don't knw abt leaving I am more concerned about his health and injury I really want him to fully recover that s all I care abt now and no matter what his decision will be I will support I really want him to meet his father and give him a hug and tell him he will be OK and not to worry so much I really want tao to do that to his father and I really don't understand why fans are mad at his father he is just being a caring parent another reason why we love our parents so much we shd only be mad at Sm for not caring and treating them as they do this needs to stop and as fans we shdnt put too much pressure on them if they take some time of for injury or health issues we shd pray and wait for them to fully recover not complain I don't understand this selfish behaviour from fans please take care fully recover and comeback anycway you want to with or without exo u will be supported and love as much please take care of urself love u :)
@passthesuga lol the overdoses maze
what is wrong with this SM entertainment... c'mon enough with this i'm not even over with KRIS & LUHAN and now TAO...