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Its the third day of our detox and i just wanted to stop by and share with you this workout routine. Working out is for me the hardest challange especially because I hate working my abs, but i find these standing up abs routine super easy for me.
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This is about the time that I quit a diet or detox, day three. Thanks for keeping me motivated!
@MarleneVarona I sometimes add a beach towel under my yoga mat for some added cushion!
Thanks I love these! Go ladies! We can do ir!
Thanks for sharing this! Good luck everyone~ (thanks for always being our cheerleader @redridergirl^^)
@nokcha @Sjeanyoon @galinda @GetFitwithAmy @MarleneVarona @Nisfit Thank yall for always including me and for sharing such helpful, wonderful information! I learn so much from my Vingle friends!