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Superfoods have been known to prevent chronic illnesses, improve vision and maintain positive mental health. Recently, it has been found that these superfoods can even reduce your weight and keep your body in shape. Here is a list of what these superfoods are: 1) Black beans - contain proteins and like meat, they do not contain saturated fat. 2) Oats - rich in fibre, oats allow someone to feel full easily. Resistant starch increases the metabolism rate and transform fats into healthy carbohydrates. 3) Avocado - contains monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) which causes one to feel full after consuming it and eating avocado can also help to reduce abdominal fats! Not forgetting that it is also rich in fiber and proteins. 4) Salmon - does not contain fats or protein fats. As compared to stir fried meat, salmon contains monounsaturated fats. According to a study in 2011, someone who consumes monounsaturated fats is more likely to reduce his or her weight as compared to someone who consumes low fats in the diet. 5) Blueberry - has the effect of anti-aging and has the ability to help maintain your body shape. 6) Broccoli - helps to prevent cancer and even by consuming less than 30 calories of broccoli can help you to obtain more than enough fiber than you need and reduce your weight. 7) Brown rice - it is healthier than white rice and rich in fiber. it is high in energy density and you tend to feel full easily after consuming it even though its calories are low. Other examples of superfoods are pears, grapes, almonds, green tea, bananas, dark chocolates, oranges, potatoes, nuts, cheeses, and low fat milk, etc.
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wow i never know the goodness of broccoli..heard that it has the effect to anti-age too!