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With this post I hope to dispel some of the more common misconceptions about atheists. I happen to live right in the buckle of the bible belt and I tend to hear a lot of arguments based on emotion and misunderstandings. First thing's first. An atheist, in the simplest definition of the word, is someone who does not believe in any god(s). For the most part we don't make the claim that there is no god because this would be on par with saying there is no bigfoot, no leprechauns, or no unicorns. Making such a claim would then make you liable for providing proof of that claim. You cannot prove a negative. I can't prove that there are no unicorns. I simply don't believe in them. Secondly, atheists don't have a specific philosophy or doctrine. We come from all walks of life. We are Democrats and Republicans alike. We are handgun carry permit holders and anti gun activists alike. We are dog people and cat people alike. The label of atheist is specific to one small aspect of our thinking. We don't believe in god. The only difference between an atheist and a theist is that an atheist has taken it one step further. Christians will say they don't believe in any gods other than Yahweh of the Bible. Muslims will say they don't believe in any gods other than Allah of the Koran. We went just a little bit beyond and said we don't believe in any of them. "You're only an atheist because you want to sin." Ah yes, please tell me why I do what I do. I am a good person. My friends know that I'm the guy that has their back and would do anything he could for them. I give to charities. I'm a good father. I'm a good worker. I don't do rob or murder or rape people. I do the most good and the least bad possible. I am nowhere near perfect and I fail from time to time but all in all I'm a law abiding citizen who, when I can, participates in community building programs. I have so much more I can say but I've gone on long enough for this card. Thank you for sticking around this long. Have a great life. It's the only one. **Please free to pass this along to anyone you'd like.**
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I've got nothing to add, Sir. Great job. As an atheist myself, I don't like (sometimes even hate) when people judge me and every my step using THEIR "laws" (and by "laws" I mean Bible or other "holy" books).