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Opinions, buddy. Opinions.
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You both need to open your eyes and minds and read.Yes it does say that back it up !
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What the hell are you talking about, @nats? The new testament is full of anti gay rhetoric. Romans, 1 Corinthians, Jude. It's all there. I can give specifics if you'd like. The problem is that one of us has actually read the bible. Care to guess which one? Hell, according to the KJV even effeminate men won't go to heaven. And the Catholic church? Really? You mean, the organization that systematically shuffles around pedophiles and pays off families to avoid lawsuits? Oh, why yes, that is a fantastic church. Let's sing their praises. With that and the spread of AIDs in Africa due to their condemnation of birth control, ie condoms, they're just a wildly powerful force for good. You say you're not against gays immediately after saying no religion allows it, how can you justify that? Talk about some cognitive dissonance. All that said, I'm not saying all religious people are bad people. I think they're just misguided. There isn't a single good thing that a "church" has ever done that could not be accomplished by purely secular means. I'm sick and tired of this ridiculous double speak from the churches. They claim the bible to be their moral guidance yet at every turn they simply toss out the bat shit crazy stuff. Please, @nats, explain to me your justification for this.
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well m for India n d churches here the Catholic churches here work for betterment of all type of ppl irrespective of caste or creed and there are loads of orphanages, old home, etc etc which are church have created and yeah u r right many churches do mislead ppl dats y I said m its all abt how v perceive it n m not saying all churches a gud n all m just saying don't make a mockery of christ dats it coz u only seem to concentrate on wats wrong in it n but u fail to notice that there r many gud things in it too n every religion has gud n bad in it n if u think u r d first athiest iv come across so let me tell u m a engineer n my Frnds consist of many non believer n m not saying they r wrong or something its there choice totally but m not f9 wd mockery made of religion dats it n m saying m not against gay dats my support to them but it dsnt mean I stop believing in my religion u can b a supporter n stl b a religious person n m not of those who r blind believers iv got my facts right but b4 coming to any conclusion think dats all m saying b4 saying anything agnst any religion just coz they dnt support gay it dsnt mean its bad every thing has gud n bad part its up to us wat v follow
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and all i wanted to say was don't make mockery of some1s belief n faith just coz u don't believe in it n think odr believing it r crazy n its ur life u may do as u wish its just i dnt like ur card n i told u abt it rest is upto u I wnt b commenting further my best wishes with u
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