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Nike's newest campaign, "Better for It" is here to address that little voice in your head that says that you can't do something.
It's all about finding motivation and pushing through, because all of these girls DID do it and are all stronger for it. Because, as the video says, "You have to get good before you get great."
Thanks for sharing! This is great! Ok and I'll add what I think in my head: I self motivate so get to work girl don't slack!; you can lift that next goal weight go for it!; Geez, could that girl put some clothes on while working out I don't want to see her naked body!; Dudes yes these are real, no you can't touch, no I am not going to fall over because I have a larger chest, just stop staring at my chest pervert I am only here to work out, maybe you should try it while you're here and get rid of the beer gut dude and stop hawking women at the gym!; I am doing this to stay healthy and have great sex no matter how old I get so get a move on and pump that weight! Thanks ladies and keep up the excellent work! We're all gorgeous simply beautiful just remember that!
I saw this the other day and was giggling the whole time
I loved what the girl in the yoga class was thinking, so me!
All these girls are at such different fitness levels its so funny! Anyone can relate to this haha
"Don't mind me over here, with my baby weights, and baby arms"
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