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Even as a world-famous pilates instructor with over two million YouTube subscribers, Cassey Ho is no stranger to cyberbullying and body shaming. Blogilates usually creates amazing workout videos, but this one isn't about squats or abs. It's about addressing that negativity she faces every day.
Cassey elaborates on what led her to create the video:
When you look in the mirror, are you happy with what you see? Or do you stare at yourself, pinching your fat away, lifting up your butt, pushing in your boobs? It's hard to be content with the shape of your body when people are constantly telling you how fat you are, how much weight you need to lose, how much weight you need to gain . . . what do people want? The body shaming, the mean comments, the cyber bullying — all of this messes with us . . . and it hurts.So what if I changed? What if I had a slimmer waist and a bigger butt? Would everyone be happy then?
The powerful video is a reminder that we're beautiful just the way we are and that working out is about being healthy and strong — not about being "perfect."
It seems like she's making a series of this, cause on her blog she's posting more!
@kristenadams Ugh!! I'm glad she's trying to help people that it's not that we should be trying ot be "so skinny" but rather "so healthy" :/ too bad she's getting that kind of response
Update! So I follow Cassey on Instagram and she posted a screenshot from this video and had SO many girls tell her that the really skinny version of Cassey was their goal body. Completely not the point of the video! Cassey posted a response to all of the people liking the skinny look :/
She looks way better before she started redesigning herself! Go Cassey!
A lot of girls need to see this!
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