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A friend of mine emailed these pics to me. It's a naked Mediterranean cake that was created by S'more Sweets in Manhattan Beach, California.
I love the generous filling between the four layers. That metal cake stand is so sweet too. My mom and I are in love with the decorative flowers. Kumquats and flowers--what a beautiful mix. I just wish I knew the flavor of this cake!!
Has anyone else been eyeing naked cakes? If you have or will be doing a naked cake for your wedding, I would love to talk with you. Please comment or leave me a note.
Thanks! <3
This is really a gorgeous portrait of a naked cake. Just the right amount of everything. I like the warm colors. The use of kumquat citrus was a really bright touch.
Naked cakes are beautiful. I like the swag of flowers and fruit too
Part of me still wants a fondant cake. But the naked cake craze has captivated me also. It's a toss up
I didn't know they were Kumquats at first, by looking at them. In fact I have never eaten them before. But I do love this cake, which is why I had to share it. <3