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With the right mix of gold and pink and white I think the combination can make for a beautiful wedding color scheme. My mom and I have been talking about going more this direction for the colors instead of the Tiffany Blue that I have been dreaming of since I was a little girl.
I sure would love to get your feedback. If you had to choose between Tiffany Blue for a concept, or Gold and Pink like this cake represents, which would you lean toward? I really do love them both.
French Macarons are soo delicious. The towers and the colors are beautiful.
These types of dessert tables are really pretty. I like the gold background
I love macarons but they are so expensive. I won't even attempt to bake them myself.
There are actually two colors and a metal happening here: Gray, pink and gold. All three, combined, look terrific. I would not have expected gray and gold to work, but they do.