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Shamir is back with a new single "Call it Off" and has opened a relationship hotline where he can give you advice like:
"No more basic, ratchet guys
Listen up, I’m saving you
From all the hell that you’ll go through"
Dial 1-844-4SHAMIR and you'll be presented with three options:
1) You can leave a message explaining your problem, and Shamir will get back to you with thoughts
2) You can hear the recently released "Call It Off" through the phone
3) You can hear the options all over again, but in a deep voice.
Check out his promo and his new MV starring muppet Shamir.
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Definitely liked his first single more, this just sounds like the same thing but with puppets?
3 years ago·Reply
What the hell I am so tempted to call hahaha
3 years ago·Reply
@sophiamor Yeah he even used the same cowbell beat?
3 years ago·Reply
On the Regular is stuck in my head all day every day!
3 years ago·Reply