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You've heard the term ombre before, but what about sombre?
@HairConfetti created a card that details the meaning of ombre, sombre and balayage. Though it's referring to hair, the sombre term is just as applicable to cake and fashion too. The cake you see here, created by S'More Sweets in Southern California, is a three-tier fondant wedding cake. Coral is really trending right now and thought this sombre version was utterly to die fore.
At the bottom is a pink coral color that fades up to a sunset shade of coral. Tying the tiers together is a delicate lace applique that reminds me of seed and bugle beads from a wedding dress.
The wide base pedestal for the cake is just as interesting to look at because it's so unexpected from the traditional style pedestals that are narrow and long at the stem.
Check out the card I referenced above here. Be sure to leave your thoughts on sombre style cakes too.
I haven't heard of the word sombre. i thought it was somber. oops
The orange flowers at the top make the sombre effect even stronger
Lovely cake. The Sombre effect is nice and the design work is beautiful.