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Hey guys as you may or may not know Ive rode a lot of brands and decks. Sadly though I have yet to really be on a Arbor for any real amount of time. They have some stuff Im tempted to try but Im looking for some feedback before I dive in. Pros, Cons from any one with a Arbor board or two would be great! Thanks everyone.
I know I seem to be late to the community and to this post but I can stand by absolutely stand by Arbor. My first board was an Arbor pintail and couldn't find many negatives about even once I started to get a bit better. I'd say go for it!
I really like the highground. It's the first board I've used and felt I didn't need a footstop.
Hey thanks guys, havent been on in a sec but good to have a little feed back on this. Still kinda throwing around the idea. Wanna get rid of a few decks before anything though.
warping and delam on the pro decks
There's honestly no negatives I can think of from the dh series. they're sick boards, extremely strong and high quality. the only semi ehh thing is that the graphic comes off from being rubbed to hard, but that's not very bad. all I can say is get one, they're sick and you won't regret it