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I'm a child of the 90s so whether I like it or not, 90s pop culture is the basis of how I live my life. My life lessons came in the form of Tim Burton, Disney Channel Original Movies, and random late-night ABC Family flicks.
I'm here to pass on some of that wisdom to those too young to remember, and to reminisce with those who lived through the golden age with me.

The Tackier The Jewelry, The Sweeter the Guy

I still want this ring from My Date with a President's Daughter. The tackier and cheaper the jewelry, chances are the better the guy. Mainly because you just can't get better than the actor who played Eric Matthews in Boy Meets World, even though no one knows his real name.
Take note guys - 90s girls probably couldn't care less if bought them a diamond ring or one of those cute rings that also holds lip gloss as long as you're an awesome dude.

It's Totally Not Weird to Date Your Step Brother

Clueless is here to tell you it is totally okay to date your non-blood related sibling, especially if it is Paul Rudd.
*Note, I don't actually advise this, but it's your life!

Foreign Boys > American Boys

Mary Kate and Ashley took us all around the world to prove to us what us girls all already knew: Foreign boys are generally nicer, smarter, and more charming than any boy you'll find in North America. American boys also have a really hard time telling identical twins apart.

Never Date Anyone Just For Their Looks

If your boyfriend is the first one to want to take a selfie on a date, maybe tell them to calm down. Boys that are pretty and know they're pretty are just bad news. Looks fade, great personalities don't.

You Need Patience and a Sense of Humor

Boys will always be boys, they never grow up. Once you accept that, you can then hone your pranking skills and beat them at their own game.

All Parents Have the Same Dating Rules

My dad would say 'no dating until you're married' and I still think he means it...

Have A Little Fun!

Boys aren't the most important thing in the world. Your young adult life should be spent having fun, learning about who you are, and growing up with people you genuinely care about. Basically - be a kid!
ive never been on a date. I'm 25 and its not because I didn't want to its that everyone has turn me down and it hurts ya know, but I hang in there. maybe this is the wrong place to be posting this but I just wanted to share with people.
Love the 10 Things I Hate About You movie! One of my favorite movies of all time! 馃槏 I miss Heath Ledger! 馃檨
My name is sophia/sophie, nice to meet you all (again!)
@MarkoPieraldi and it may not feel like it or seem like it now but you may end up down the road really happy that played out that way if she is a truly good friend in your life. I was friends with mostly guys in high school cuz I hated chick drama and ended up dating some really good friends that didn't work out and the whole lets be friends after you've dated I rarely see work out. so I lost these great guys as friends too.
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