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What isn't Starbucks doing these days? Just a couple of days ago, Starbucks Japan uploaded a video of their summer party launch for its "Fruits-on-top-yogurt-Frappuccino® ". featuring the drinks in a runway fashion. The brand collaborated with a Tokyo-based designer Taro Horiuchi to create the frappe-inspired pieces.
There are four frappe in total:
1. "Yogurt" is seen wearing a pair of white bermuda shorts under a blue asymmetric skirt.
2. "Crushed Nuts" is wearing a full-body nut pattern outfit and holding an almond clutch.
3. "Cream" is wearing an off-white crop top and skirt ensemble with chiffon details.
4. "Fruit" is wearing a hot pink dress and leggings with cylinder embellishments that resemble a paper fan.
The pieces are creative, but it didn't impress me. Watch the video for a footage of the runway-inspired celebration and let me know what you think.
You got to give the designer props for designing the crushed nuts outfit and almond clutch. Lol
Not a big fan of the "fruit" outfit. It looks like the paper fans are glued on.