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When you think of a rustic style wedding bouquet, what comes to mind? Daisies? Queen Anne's Lace? Woody stems and Pussy Willow? Don't buy into the Devil's lies that country or rustic florals are for Summer and Fall only! The look can be used year-round, even if some of the flowers are seasonal.
In a blog post by Blooms By The Box, which you can read here, breaks down an easy DIY approach to creating your very own rustic wedding style by incorporating basic flowers that evoke the unmistakable look and vibe of county fair bridal bouquets.
Part of a rustic design is keeping the overall shape of the design organic and free flowing and less manicured. Wildflowers add to the charm of any bouquet and give instant legitimacy to country style designs. Do you have a favorite flower that is instantly recognizable as country or rustic?
Click here to find out which specific floral types go into unmistakable country-chic wedding florals. It's got everything you need to know and listed by picture and flower.
country flowers like those in the jars are pretty for a small wedding or something country
Looks like there's some marsala thrown in the flowers too. nice touch
These are beautiful flowers.
I swear, that pinwheel with the flowers in the mason jar...TOO CUTE!