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If there is one accessory every woman needs in her wardrobe it's a scarf. Don't underestimate this simple cloth. A scarf can immediately make a statement piece for your entire outfit or become the outfit itself. Don't know what I'm talking about? Watch the three videos below to see how a scarf can transform to a skirt, dress and more!
Save this card now because these are the three videos you'll be coming back to again and again.
Are you ready to be inspired?
Watch this video and learn how to transform your infinite scarf to a cute strapless dress, peplum skirt and maxi skirt!
Don't have a dress you want to wear at the moment? Take your silk or chiffon scarf and turn it into a breezy spring/summer dress!
Tired of wearing your scarf with the same two methods? Here are 25 ways to style your scarf!
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wow in need more scarfs in my life
@DatBaldwinGirl Same here!
I should just have a closet full of scarves. lol
thank you.I never know what to do with these things
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