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Who is it, guys? Leave your comment. I won't delete it. I'll post the picture without the bar later (: ~~~It's Hongki! *What nervous habits do you have? -If I'm really nervous I speak as if I'm in the process of learning English. I just can't seem to pronounce words properly LMAO
it's hongki aka Jeremyyyyyyy lol Nervous habits.....I always carry a piece of paper in my pocket when I go to any kind of gathering bc honestly any social situation gives me anxiety.... I'll take the paper and fold it and twist it over and over when it gets to be too much and I always have gum for anxiety reasons too. I stutter when I'm nervous so I try to avoid talking much lol.
Can't think of the guys name! :) Nervous habit..... I usually bounce my leg up and down & I get really quiet....like quieter than usual.... 0.0 lol :D
@sherrysahar I can relate.I get really shy and awkward during first meetings too..I think we all do
@jiggzy19 @adikiller @ritanassar12 @StephanieDuong @WiviDemol @PassTheSuga @kimikodragon @sherrysahar @nielswife It's Hongki! ((; Uploaded sans bar @jiggzy19 Haha! Same. I never realized I did this until someone pointed it out. XD @PassTheSuga I've never heard of anything like that. Lol I have heard of playing with paper clips in your pocket though. ((; @sherrysahar Lol Yes! I am so envious of people who are so easy going meeting new people. I can barely hold a conversation. Lol My sentences are so short it's not even funny /.\ Short responses kill everything. @StephanieDuong I get quiet too. I'm already pretty reserved and when I'm nervous I pretty much become mute lol @WiviDemol I'm glad there's someone just like me ((;
@sherrysahar Yes I can so totally relate to that!!!! When people first meet me ...well....it doesn't really get more awkward then that.... Lol XD
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