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Hey everyone :) How's it going? You might know me, you might not, but I'm the Love & Relationship moderator, Christina! Nice to meet you! I'm here to offer mine (and the community's) services to help you through your love troubles :)
I have a collection called "Love Advice with ChristinaBryce" where I post questions that people send me so that they can get advice anonymously! I'm the only one who knows who sent them to me :)

So, if you have a love problem you've been dealing with...

Send me a private message with your L.O.V.E. problem, I'll make a card for it, and everyone can give you some advice!!!
Thanks everyone, and hope you have a lovely day!
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@ChristinaBryce I hope we all can too! It's good to be back! Missed everyone! Thanks!
This series so far has been AMAZING by the way. So many good opinions to take notes from!
@redridergirl Welcome back love!!!!
@ChristinaBryce Will do!!
@onesmile Thank you so much! Take care.