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No actual glue was used to create these crazy rock formations, and that is what I find so impressive!! Those are a bunch of wet, slippery rocks being held together by nothing but their own weight, and the balance that gravity provides them. Pretty sick, right?
This video compiles the creation and deformation of many of his creations throughout 2014. You can see the rest of his creations on his blog, along with some awesome photographs of his work!
If you know me at all you'll know that I love rocks, but usually in the big boulder type that I can climb on. Something about the coolness of them, and the natural surrounds that usually come with spending time in a rock or boulder field is just really awesome.
And this guy, who I will now dub the ULTIMATE ROCK SCULPTOR apparently feels much the same as me!
Michael Grab has been making these rock sculptures simply by really, really knowing his rocks. All it takes is finding the small divots within the rocks that all him to find where the balance will work best. After hitting these balance points, he's able to put the rocks together in a way that they stick--most of the time.
I use the word "all" loosely there, because he's been doing this as a kind of meditative creative practice since 2008, and there is a huge amount of breathing, practice, relaxation and study involved in creating each formation! Not only that, but he tries to set them up in a way that they can be returned to their natural state beautifully as well--kind of a rock performance art if you will.
Why does he do it? Here's his response:
"Bottom Line… it’s a fun way to relax, release stress, play, create… learn… all while challenging my skills and dabbling with countless possibilities...Put simply, I feel something divine when I practice. Immune to a complete explanation. Often times I feel as if I’m glimpsing some kind of truth as I dance among an orchestra of vibration and poetic form; a sense of transcendental beauty; brilliant expressions of zen."
He creates, and then he destroys. That thing you see hitting the structure is a rock that he threw to knock the whole thing down. Why? Because that's just part of his process.
Amazing so good to look at
@trev3153 Glad you enjoyed it :)