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You know it's a slow news day when Kanye's face, (or the expression on his face), becomes water cooler banter. The notoriously petulant faced and Bey activist proved, yet again, that even in moments of history--being named among Time's "100 Most Influential People"--there isn't anything worth flexing 13 muscles to fake a smile over.
Most people in the photo respond to comedian, Amy Schumer's fall with shock and awe. Perhaps more bewildered to see a celeb face plant at Time's "100" event.
Clearly, it was just a prank and was meant to bring levity to the starched occasion. You can tell because most people in the photo are smiling and "get the joke."
Then there's Yeezy.
So here's your challenge: share a point in time when Kanye was actually smiling. I dare you.
The most appropriate times to smile, like when there's a joke on a red carpet, seem to fail Kanye. That's all. I too love OITNB. I haven't seen video of the moment. I wonder what she was shouting also.
I've seen him smile tons of times! I just want to know what Laverne Cox is shouting in that last shot. I love OITNB.