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Prepare to have your teen hearts broken mes amis, these boys are happier, better looking, and significantly less single than the golden years of emo.

Gerard Way

Married to his soul mate Lyn-Z (who is basically the best person on the planet) and has a toddler named Bandit. He's touring again as a solo artist and is getting back into what he really loves, comics.

Brendon Urie

Married, to another incredible lovely woman named Sarah. He's also making amazing music and is hopefully edging towards acting (the boy was made for broadway)

William Beckett

Finally admits that he's married and has a kid, after years of denying it. He's also going solo, making awesome music and running a hilarious blog.

Frank Iero

Married (are you seeing a trend here...) to his high school sweetheart and lives with his twin daughters and youngest son in New Jersey where he's returned to the underground scene.

Pete Wentz

Married, twice. Had a kid, twice. Doing weird things with music and fashion and producing and god knows what else. Still sports eye liner occasionally.
I just took a buzzfeed quiz yesterday and I definitely am still gerard's soul mate!
WHY DID HE HIDE THE FACT HE WAS MARRIED WITH A KID FOR SO LONG? What's the worst that could happen?! Did William Beckett seriously think that 'outing' himself as a husband and father would hurt his career?
@caricakes LOL good to hear! Now to just find a not married Gerard...
@beywatch he claimed it was to protect his child from the media but like how is she going to feel knowing that her dad claimed she wasnt his child for almost 5 years?!?!?!