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Dalshabet’s “Joker” Was Banned From Korean Media..But Not For The Reason You Thought Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) initially banned Dalshabet‘s new title track “Joker” for several reasons mentioned in our previous article on their edited lyrics (which are now deemed appropriate for broadcast). What may puzzle international fans however, is the fact that the repetition of the word “Joker” seemed inappropriate. Some fans came up with the explanation that the reason may be because the repetition of the phrase “joker” sounds like they’re saying “choke her”. However, the real reason is even more outrageous. In Korean, “Joker” is written as “조커” and pronounced “Joh-kuh” this phrase sounds extremely similar to a cuss word in Korean, especially when emphasis is placed in the word “Joh” as the girls do in their song. The word “좆” (pronounced “jot”) which already seems similar to the word “조” (pronounced “joh”) is a crude vocabulary that refers to…well…let’s just say it refers to a very specific private part only present in males. And the word “커” pronounced “kuh” means BIG. Now put those together and….. The repeated phrase “Joker” is then followed by “Joker, I want it, I am out of breath, baby good night” http://youtu.be/a5seeyaBMsc
I'm gonna be honest, this doesn't really surprise me, they are always banning stuff
bwahahahahaha the reasoning.....I get it but it's hilarious (´ヮ`)
I love it! You never if it was a coincidence or not! lmao
Oh no problem @vonchio *^▁^* thank you for posting!
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