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OK, this is too cool. A photographer out of NYC became fascinated with cosplay, and not because of the awesome costumes, but because of the awesome cosplayers! They are totally transformed in personality, look, and reception just by putting on their cosplays, and thats what the photographer (Corey Hayes, here's his site!) wanted to capture.
Take a look at 5 of my favorite transformations. It's like they really gain super powers when they transform!

Dana Paige – Grace Soulfire

Jack Farzan – Traditional Female Loki

Sheena V. – Victorian Loki

Al Vasquez – Batman

Joseph B B Quinn – Deadpool

Check out all of them in this article!
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Those two Lokis are awesome!!!! Female Lokis FTW!
@timeturnerjones See, all I think about looking at the traditional Loki is like damn that helmet must be heavy and not that comfortable to wear haha
@somnia Maybe it's made of a light material??
@timeturnerjones True, I didn't think of that! Maybe just styrofoam or something.