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Rampant drugs. Gang cross-fire. Easy prostitutes. Cop killers. Grand theft. So what's missing from a wholesome game, er, movie like this? Think about that for a moment. If you're reading this card from a Planned Parenthood clinic, then I'm sure I haven't even begun to scratch the surface for what could make BBC's "Game Changer" worth watching.
However, I hardly doubt anyone in production knows that Grand Theft Auto is sacred. You can almost feel the swollen nerves as nellies in the PR department scurry to put up bulletins of what the movie is not going to be. Clearly, they've never played the games before. And since neither Liam Neeson, nor Justin Timberlake will be starring, I suppose that means we're stuck with Daniel Radcliffe and Bill Paxton. And if you don't know who they are, then telling you to skip the movie would be an unnecessary redundancy.
Take your pick, 88 minutes of vapid "movie magic" or 40 hours thumb wrestling the game controller?--Which brings me back to the beginning, what is your GTA must-have-scene that would make the movie worth watching?
The story of GTAIV is actually quite compelling. A Russian ex-military member escapes with his life from atrocities abroad. When he arrives in New York he thinks all of the killing is behind him, until he is dragged back into a life he thought he had left behind in Russia. GTA V doesn't take it self as seriously. Three old friends team up again, unwilling, to get the biggest score of their lifetime and to 'hopefully' put their criminal past behind them for good. Throughout the story you see that whatever illegal activity the main characters find themselves involved in is simply overshadowed by the government's corruption. The government agents force the main characters into more than they are willing to handle. If you think that running people over and shooting bystanders is the point of GTA then you have simple not devoted time to actually playing the games. There is a reason why GTAV made $800 million in one day, and it's not because you can run over people with a car. /end rant
Honestly I can't even think of a single GTA scene that would actually be good in a movie. Like, the point of the game to me is to drive around and run people over (is that horrible?) so I don't think I would remotely enjoy it as a movie. Hmm...
Philip is a die hard GTA fan--has all and played all the games. I quite enjoyed your rant. :) @teamwaffles. I think the real business is in gaming--not Hollywood because you're right--there is a reason why these games continue to dominate the need and will of people to plunk down $80 for a 40-hour gaming experience versus a 98-minute Hollywood arc.
That's because most of the scenes, which involve human-on-human madness, such as what you described @timeturnerjones, cannot be shown in a movie. Besides, the real fun is that we get to do the madness instead of just watching. lol