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so I was tagged by some of my awesome fellow Kpoppers to do this tag, so here we go...
thanks to @adikiller @PassTheSuga @aabxo for tagging me <3

1. State your name and username.

Matthew, Matt, Matty, all of those are me, MattK95 works too XD

2. Who is your bias?

As hard as it was to choose between all of my many many biases I have to go with...
Hyorin!!!! I'm sure most of you knew this was the case, and to that all i can say is you know me well :D

3. If your bias spat gum on the ground would you pick it up and eat it?

Hyorin is a lady, I don't think she would go around littering like that, if she did however I would use a tissue to carry it to the nearest garbage bin, where I would dispose of it for her. In other words... Hell No! I would not eat it.

4. Explain why your bias is your bias!!! Were they your first bias? What made you bias them?

There are may reasons I love Hyorin, she was my first bias, mainly because she was a major part of my introduction to K-Pop and because she has such a great personality, she is bright, bubbley, happy, funny, and she just seems like such a great person, the kind of person I would love to have as a friend. I might have a slight crush on her, and that may have added to my like of her as well :P

5. Favourite physical feature?

Hmm this question was a lot more difficult, after much thought I have decided its a toss up between her eyes and her smile, or the combination of both :) (I also love her hair)
I mean seriously, look at that smile :D

6. Favourite personality trait?

Does goofiness count???
I don't care, I'm going with that XD

7. Favourite ship, (including bias)?

One question, can I ship her with me?
JK lol.
sorry guys but I don't get into the whole shipping thing :)

8.Where would you take your bias on a date?

Honestly I'm not sure, maybe somewhere we could sit and watch the sunset, like on the beach maybe, and then a nice dinner somewhere. This quetion is pretty tough, I would have said the movies, but I would actually want to talk to her, and thats not really possible at the movies XD

9.Which song (out of your bias' groups songs) suits your bias the best?

Every single song, but I as I have to choose I think...
"I swear" suits her personality the best, or at least the MV does :)

10. If you had to serenade your bias which song (any song) would you sing?

I would probably sing something I wrote specifically for the occasion, I mean a real song not, some creepy lyrical poem about how we are going to get married and weird stuff like that. i if I had to choose a song that already exists I might choose... something like "Almost in Your Arms" .. that sounds kinda creepy, but it's a good song, might not sound so good if I sang it but oh well XD

11.What do you want to say to your bias?

"Thank you so much for all the hard work, and long hours you put in for the purpose of entertaining your fans. All of your fans will love and support you no matter what :)
Saranghaeyo <3

12. Say "I love you (bias' name) please don't eat worms," in your native language.

"I love you Hyorin, please don't eat worms!"
also I am from Australia... well not really, but I've lived here longer than I have lived in my country of origin, so here it is in Australian speak as well XD
I have censored it for the benefit of those who don't like coarse language, if you are actually crazy enough to be interested in what it actually says let me know in the comments and I'll PM it to you. I warn you its pretty rough...
"I (censored) luv ya Hyorin, ya (censored) (censored), don't be a bloody drongo and eat worms, only (censored) would do somethin that (censored) weird, you'd look a right crazy (censored)!
granted not all Australians talk like this, but I lived in a country town for six years and this is pretty much common place among some of the more, bogan (kind of like a red neck) Australians, yes they do talk to people they like this way, probably the only country where the "F" word followed by the "C" word is used as a term of endearment between good friends, as I said before that is only in the more remote areas of the country.

13. Name 10 people you want to tag, and tag them.

I think with everyone who has done this so far we have already got this covered
Thanks for reading guys <3
Wow. I freaking LOVE this! YOU made me see hyorin in a different way. great bias! @MattK95
Awww this was so cute XD I totally saw this bias coming lol
@PassTheSuga I'm guessing you pretty much figured out what it says, it's not that hard to XD
bwahahahahaha colorful language there at the end..... you know I never really listened to Sistar much before I joined Vingle but I've learned Hyorin is such a sweetheart and she's adorkable. I love that about her. Good Job Fanman.... you done good!
@Uniangel18 it was soooo hard choosing just one bias
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