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Trek is recalling all of its bikes that are equipped with disc brakes and a specific front quick release. The issue has affected up to 900,000 bikes produced from 2000 to 2015. Trek knows of at least three crashes that have resulted from this issue, including one that resulted in the quadriplegia.
The issue with the quick-release only effects particular models. The lever on the quick release can swing open wider than 180 degrees from the closed position. This can potentially allow the quick release lever to fall between some of the open spacing in a disc rotor. This will cause the wheel to either lock up, or disconnect from the bike completely.
Eric Bjorling of Trek commented on the matter. He stated that the situation can happen due to improper use of the quick release. If it is not tightened and closed properly then the quick release can cause this problem. Bjorling also said that his quick release was no manufactured by Trek and may affect other brands as well.
If your bike is affected by the recall, you can take it to an authorized Trek retailer and get the front quick release replaced for free. Trek will also provide a $20 coupon toward Bontrager merchandise that is redeemable until the end of the year.
Remember to check to make sure your quick release is closed people...
LMAO, serious recalling quick release because people don't know how they work?
@TeamWaffles I feel bad for laughing, but lol
All this because people don't know how to close a quick release lever properly.