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Sure running for a good cause or just for your health is great, but why not shake it up a bit? Color runs are fun, but what about these races you probably never heard of?

The Chocolate 5K

Where? Louisville, Kentucky
The water stations throughout a race are super important, but let's face it: Chocolate is more fun. The Chocolate 5K has Ghirardelli chocolate stations to help fuel you through the three-mile run—plus more when you cross the finish line. Talk about motivation!

The Chardonnay Run

Where? New York City, Chicago, San Jose, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC
At The Chardonnay Run, runners can celebrate their victory at the finish line, where wine, fruits, cheese, and food trucks await them at the post-race party.


Where? Baltimore, Seattle, and other locations
Some people can find running for three miles with minimal breaks difficult enough, but what if the course were designed to make you totally wipe out? Similar to the television show Wipeout, Wipeout Run offers runners the chance to test their luck against obstacle courses designed to knock them right out of their running shoes.

Foam Glow 5K

Where? St. Louis, Nashville, Houston, Las Vegas, Miami, and other locations
Foam Glow is a cross between the Color Run, a foam party, and a music festival, where runners race through different Foam Glow 5K Zones filled with black lights and different colors of foam. After crossing the finish line, the real fun starts at the after-party where runners can expect more foam, more black lights, and plenty of great music.

The Awesome '80s Run

Pasadena, San Diego, and San Francisco
Struggling to find another use for that '80s workout video girl Halloween costume you wore a few years ago? Look no further than the Awesome '80s Run, a race where runners are encouraged to wear the craziest and most elaborate outfits. Prizes are awarded not only for running times, but for the coolest costumes, too. Don't forget to pack your scrunchie!

The Super Run

Where? Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Cleveland, and other locations
Throwing on a cape is sure to help you power through The Super Run, a superhero-theme run that benefits charities across the country.
Wipeout sounds so fun! It would probably distract me from the actual pain of running a 15K!
I feel like I accidentally participate in my own 80s run every time I go jogging because I love leggings and high ponytails too much.
A combination of all of these would be so hilarious!
That foam one doesn't even seem like a race omg!
Can I do the chocolate AND wine run?