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Sometimes there is nothing better than a glass of wine after dinner, and now you have even more reasons to indulge!
So grab some Five Buck Chuck, put the kids to bed, and improve your health :)
It Can Make You More Attractive
Some alcohol (about the amount found in one glass of wine) can give your skin a healthier glow, making you look more youthful!
It's Good for Your Heart
Researchers agree that moderate (no more than two glasses a day) wine consumption may reduce your risk of heart disease, possibly because of the polyphenol content.
It May Help Maintain Muscle
Maybe astronauts should drink more wine! Researchers looked into the effect of resveratrol, found in wine, on muscle mass and found that it does in fact help with muscle mass, strength, and bone density!
It Reduces Stress
All types of alcohol are central nervous system depressants, so they depress brain activity and trigger a calming, sleep effect. It also helps when you're drinking wine with friends or a good book!
It Can Burn Fat
A chemical found in muscadine grapes (a dark-red variety) may slow the growth of fat cells, according to a recent Oregon State University study. Sadly, guzzling a bottle of red still isn't your best weight-loss strategy :)
It Can Help Fight Cavities
You heard right. Despite the high sugar count in grapes, both wine and grape seed extract may actually be good for your teeth, since they help rid teeth of plaque-causing bacteria!
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I love this! I'm actually planning a wine tour with my friends this summer!
Does this go for all wine or just red?
Cheers to that! I was most surprised by the cavities one, I feel like I only think of wine stains when I think of what wine does to my teeth haha
My old college roommate will be happy to read this :)