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We all know exposure can be one of the hardest parts of hiking. Hat or no hat, rain coat or no rain coat, the sun, the sleet and the rain can really make a hike uncomfortable.
I came across a great tutorial detailing how to set up a light-weight umbrella so that you can hike without having to hold it, and use the umbrella to lessen the amount of exposure you go through.
I was thinking about trying it but I just can get the idea of hiking with an umbrella through my head! It just looks....odd. Looks easy, but I feel like the umbrella bumping around might drive me wild.
Anyone tried this? What do you think?
I don't think I could do it unless the conditions were extreme, and then I probably just wouldn't be out hiking....
@fallingwater I'm a bit less skeptical than you it seems. I'm thinking about trying ot more often as I enjoyed it the first time.
@happyrock why not?