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Forget about what you want to look like. We all want to be tall and exquisitely handsome in the mid-twenties range. We also want to have an endless reservoir of cash flow to keep the wardrobe stocked for every season, and the power and confidence to do and be anything we want.
The reality is...we're short, too tall, bloated, skinny, etc. Only the select and lucky few have bodies sculpted like the Greek gods. So put down the plate of brownies and add a gym exercise to your LA Fitness sauna circuit. Begrudgingly, we need to learn to accept that the body we have is the body we have. Part of that acceptance is dressing with proportion in mind.
For instance, standing 5'5'' I am rather short. When it comes to fit my biggest problem is finding pants. My inseam is almost 30" and my waist is 29" (depending on whether or not I had therapy through a drive-thru). Anyhow, if I am completely honest, I solved this proportion problem by shopping in the kids department. Yes--It's true. (Be prepared to share your secrets!)
The key is shopping in the right spot according to my body type--not according to the "men's department." If I shopped where I was supposed to, I'd be wearing pants not in proportion to my body. I'd also be spending more money on getting them tailored.
Jackets are a problem too. Being short used to mean no trench coats. Not true! The trick is to find a coat that falls at or just below your rear end. No coat should ever fall below mid-thigh. If you're super tall, then wearing long coats is the direction you'd want to go; avoid short coats.
I've shared a couple, but important body proportion tips. I also shared my secret about shopping in the kids department. But I know I am not the only one with secrets, tips and ideas on keeping things proportional. Don't be shy; if you could share one tip or trick that you know, we could all benefit...and dress better, making the world a better, happier place to live.