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Coconut Oil Flea Repellent for Dogs

I'll admit I'm usually the first guy to doubt 'natural' remedies as actually effective, but one of my friends warned me to stop using Frontline and Advantage to protect my dog from ticks and what not because of how many dogs see nerve damage and cancer because of it later on. There haven't been enough studies proving it I guess for vets to stop giving it but I don't even want to risk that.
And so I'm gonna be trying to repel fleas and ticks from my dog naturally using coconut oil.
There's three different ways to do it:
1) Put organic coconut oil in palm, rub onto back, stomach and legs. Do this daily, particularly before going out into a high-risk area.
2) Dissolve the coconut oil (usually by boiling) into water and then let cool. Use it as a spritz on your dog so you don't have to rub it in.
3) Apply it liberally to your dog’s coat, and let it sit for several hours. Try doing it while he’s sleeping so he doesn’t lick it all off. After a couple hours, rinse him off and you’re done. Do it every week.
I'm gonna see which way works best for me but I think it'll work. I've found so many posts saying just how great coconut oil is for dogs (not just for this but also for their diet) that I'm gonna see how this goes and then maybe add some more in.
I'm still pretty hesitant to give up on what my vet has always said works best but I don't want to be giving her such a big bunch of chemicals on her every month. It just seems wrong.
My dog is about out of Frontline and I too would prefer now that I've learned about the possible harmful effects to use something that is not harmful! Especially since my dog is 14 yrs old now. Thank you for this excellent tip! I wish there was something natural good for more than a day at a time just in case anyone knows of anything?
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